Concerned about going on holiday during the pandemic? 

At Emerald Villas and Suites we have the perfect solution.

All of our villas and suites have their own private entrance and terrace offering complete privacy to our guests.  Our accommodations:

  • Have private swimming pools which are thoroughly checked and cleaned according to the pool hygiene protocols
  • Have private terraces and sun loungers
  • Are equipped with air-conditioning, autonomous units (not central), which are often cleaned and sterilized
  • Are equipped with masks, gloves, hand antiseptic gel, and first aid kits (everything included for one/personal use)

Worried about Covid-19 hygiene?

We have very strict Covid-19 regulations laid out by the Greek Health Ministry in regard to personal protection, social distancing, cleanliness and disinfection of all areas of our complex.  In addition:

  • A Health Coordinator has been appointed to supervise health protocols.
  • There is a Doctor on call who can act if necessary, under EODY instructions.
  • Emerald staff are well trained and Covid-19 educated, following all necessary hygiene rules to avoid virus transmission and are provided with all necessary personal protective equipment (e.g. masks, gloves)
Time between check-in (at 16:00) and check-out (at 11:00) has been extended to enable the appropriate deep cleaning of all internal and external areas of our accommodations.
Fabric surfaces (e.g. furniture) will be cleaned with steam appliances according to the EODY instructions.

Uncertain about mixing with strangers and visiting public places?

We’ve got that covered too! We have a 24/7 Front Desk and Concierge service to assist you with everything.  You can order groceries and supplies and have them delivered to your door.  Each villa and suite has menus for local restaurants and tavernas, so you can order your meals and have them delivered to be enjoyed in the luxury of your villa or suite.

For that special meal, you can also arrange for a private chef to cook for you in your accommodation.

 Want to get out and about safely?

If after being in lockdown at home for such a long time you feel the need to get out and about to explore the island and see some sights, our Concierge Service can arrange the hire of a private car for you.

All hire car companies on the island follow the Covid-19 protocols as required by law and the cars are steamed cleaned and thoroughly disinfected between clients.

We can assure you that Emerald Villas & Suites is applying all the necessary precautionary measures and we can guarantee a safe & enjoyable stay, in full compliance with the latest rules & regulations.

So you will have nothing to worry about except how laid back and relaxed you want to spend your days whilst soaking up the sun and gazing out over the fantastic view of the expansive Ionian Sea.

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