World Animal Day

This day is a reminder to appreciate and respect all living things that are part of our ecosystem.

Turtles is Zakynthos Island
Turtles have been swimming the oceans for over a hundred million years. They existed long before the continents and oceans had their present shape and, of course, long long before the appearance of mankind. The uncontrolled exploitation of the environment by man has reduced their numbers, and today sea turtles are considered a threatened species.
Sea turtles spend almost all their life in the sea, but their existence depends entirely on specific beaches where female turtles lay their eggs. Several nesting beaches of the loggerhead sea turtle – Caretta caretta have been identified by the Sea Turtle Protection Society (STPS) in Greece. Laganas Bay in Zakynthos, is the most important remaining nesting area for caretta caretta in the whole of the Mediterranean.

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