Before even arriving at the magnificent island of Zakynthos and whilst packing your
suitcases and seeking after the most beautiful places that are worth visiting during your
stay, we hark to your needs, we welcome you and present you our new Emerald van.
The Emerald van welcomes you at the airport upon your arrival and promises to offer
you a comfortable and safe experience. Our driver knows every place on the island
really well and will recommend you the most beautiful landmarks that you could visit and
create a tour customized to your preferences and desires.
Our vehicle includes: Highspeed 5G Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Audio, Interior Ambient light,
interior Cabin Fragrance and TV on board. You will definitely feel the VIP service.
Whether you choose the Emerald van for your arrival/departure, or as a means in order
to get to know the beauties of the island, your choice will surely satisfy you.

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