Zakynthos Island, the Flower of the East


Zakynthos, also known as Zante, has been a holiday destination for tourists for around 40 years and still continues in its popularity today with visitors from all over the world.  The majority of tourists who visit the island fall in love with it and return year after year. Many declaring it to be their second home and making lifelong friends among the locals and other visitors. There are also those who decide to make it their permanent home.  The hospitality and heart-warming friendliness on the island both from the people who work in the tourism sectors and from the locals in the many villages are among the many aspects that make the island so popular and well-loved.

For those who want a beach holiday in the sun, Zakynthos is perfect. However, for a lot of people it isn’t just a holiday destination, it is an experience that heightens the senses even when it is least expected. One of the reasons that visitors fall in love with the island and return continuously is because there is always something new to discover, a small hidden treasure that hasn’t been found before or that one piece of paradise that keeps calling for a return visit.

Zakynthos has tremendous natural, wild beauty and is a myriad of colours providing a feast for the eyes: the many shades of green found in the natural landscape with bursts of colour from the many flowers, both wild and cultivated; the innumerable hues of green and blue glimpsed in the crystal clear waters of the sea; the magnificent sunrises and sunsets over the sea which paint the sky with an array of stunning colours; the colourful buildings and vibrant resorts bustling with people are all highlighted by the brilliant sunshine.

The sound of the water gently lapping onto the shore as you relax at the beach or eat a meal at your favourite sea front restaurant; the birdsong heard as you explore the mountain villages; the chirping of the cicadas in the summer heat; and the Greek musicians performing traditional “kantades” in the tavernas.

The heavenly smell of herbs growing naturally in the mountains; the scent of the many flowers growing all around the island; the delicious aroma of the food being served in the many restaurants; and of course the salty smell of the sea air.

The taste of delicious Greek and Zakynthian delicacies produced and served throughout the island: award winning local extra virgin olive oil; Zakynthian wines produced from the locally grown vines at the many wineries; the traditional nougat “Mandolato”; and many more to be discovered.

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