August and September is traditionally the period when the harvesting of wine grapes begins.  While travelling around the island, you will feel the capturing smell from the grapes and the raisin.

Zakynthos is well-known for producing these products. Originally, the process starts by harvesting the raisin and then follows the harvesting of the wine grapes. Going back in history, the raisin was the product that helped the island through some difficult periods, by placing Zakynthos at the top list in Greece, in terms of exporting the product in different countries all over the world and offering a considerable amount of income to its wine makers.  A specific procedure is followed for the raisin harvesting.  After the raisin has been ripe, it is cut from the vine and placed in collection baskets. Then it is transferred to the threshing floor in order to be laid with care and dried in the sun.

The raisins are used in many Greek recipes such as for making a sweet bread called  »Stafidopsomo » and the making of the  »wheatmeal halvah » with raisins and a chocolate topping.

Grapes…the seed of wine!

Another popular Zakynthian product is its heady wine.  Almost every single house in Zakynthos produces its own wine, whilst exceptional wine is also made by the local wineries some of which have had a tradition in wine making for many centuries.  The Zakynthian land is so fertile, its climate, the heavy winter rains and its soil, all contribute to the creation of an excellent taste and a unique scent of the Zakynthian raisin and wine.

So if you ever visit this beautiful  island ,don’t forget to taste the local wine in a restaurant or even experiencing wine tasting in one of the many wineries on the island.  Depending on the grape variety, you will taste various flavours.

The most well-known varieties are Avgoustiatis, Skiadopoulos, Savvatiano and Goustolidi.

On the way back home, do not miss to take with you a bottle of local wine and carry with you the magical smells and tastes of Zante!

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